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Since absolutely no Bible prophecy has ever failed (and there are hundreds), how can one realistically remain unconvinced that the Bible is of divine origin?

Posted: September 27th 2010

Blaise www

Since absolutely no Bible prophecy has ever come true (and there are hundreds), how can one realistically remain unconvinced that the Bible is a crock of shit?

See what I did there? Asking a question in such a way as to make a statement is a blatant and unsubtle subterfuge. It allows no reasonable discussion, and elicits no useful information from the person or group to whom the question is addressed.

If you want to ask a real question, try again. If you are trying to convince us of something, at least learn enough about debate and persuasion that a ten-year-old couldn’t see through your juvenile tactics!

Posted: September 28th 2010

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Your question presents me with a bit of a conundrum…

I could spend some time listing some of the prophecies that clearly aren’t answered, but since you are obviously totally convinced of the truth of your belief, I’m reminded of the saying about the advisibility of teaching a pig to dance.

So, I’m just going to say that if you honestly believe that no prophecy has ever failed and aren’t interested in doing your own research, then nothing I could say is going to change your mind.

So I won’t waste our time.

Posted: September 28th 2010

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Since scholars have shown that biblical prophecy is invalid (to the extent even liberal Christians eschew it), how can any conservative Christian be so gullible as to think that the Bible is their own special crystal ball?

And there are so many crystal balls to choose from: Nostradamus, Islam, Mormon, Native American, etc.

On the other hand, the scientific theory of evolution does have predicting power. It predicts that certain fossils must exist and in certain rock layers. Eventually some are found, buttressing the fact and scientific theory of evolution even further. This kind of prediction is truly prediction unlike the cobbled together vaticinium ex eventu that clogs the Bible. And despite the potency and reliability of Evolutionary Theory, its creator, Darwin, is not considered divine.

Posted: September 28th 2010

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What about the one that said Jesus would return within a generation (Matthew 24:34)? People in every generation of Christians have believed that he would return within their lifetime, despite more and more generations of Christians passing away who believed that their whole lives, and were wrong. If you interpret “generation” to mean anything two thousand years long, then your interpretation of literal Biblical text is so loose you can fit almost any prophecy to almost any event, and fulfillment is meaningless.

There are indeed hundreds of things the Old Testament predicts, mostly about the Messiah, which are fulfilled in the New Testament. Mind you, the authors of the New Testament had access to the already centuries-old Old Testament documents and therefore knew exactly how to check off each prophecy when writing the story of Jesus, whether or not he actually fulfilled them. Either way, it’s no coincidence that the prophecies in Isaiah, etc. are apparently fulfilled.

For a perspective that the New Testament does not fulfill the Old Testament prophecies, ask a rabbi. The Jews are still waiting for their Messiah because, as far as they have reasoned, Jesus wasn’t it. That’s the extent of the difference in one’s conclusion that can be achieved by a different interpretation of the text.

Edit: Heads up, atheist answerers, the question is lifted verbatim from this list of “Hard Questions To Ask Atheists, Skeptics, Secularists And Agnostics About The Christian Faith”. We may see more of them shortly.

Posted: September 28th 2010

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