How do you explain the prophecies in Revelations that have come true?

Israel has become its own country again. There are others also. God predicted it!

Posted: November 5th 2007

John Sargeant www

Prophecies are so vague, making Nostradamus look like a lucid communicator of the written word, that I fail to see how after an event it can be said that meant this.

In ancient writings of the old and new testament the idea of an independent nation was prevalent. This was seen as god given when it happened, and god ordained when they lost their sovereignty.

In short whatever happened was considered prophecy – it could not be falsified because either state of the world proved the prophets right.

Posted: December 4th 2007

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flagellant www

There are several general objections to prophecies:

  • they are never specific enough,

  • sometimes, as in the case of virgin birth, the evidence is falsely documented to fit the Old Testament [mistranslated?] prediction, and
  • failed predictions are ignored.

In the light of these criteria, your question is very unwise; let’s look at it, bit by bit.

Israel has become its own country again. I have been unable to find anything in 'Revelation of St John the Divine’ which would class as a specific prophecy about the founding of the State of Israel in the twentieth century. The point about prophecy, for it to be considered properly predictive, is that it must contain elements in support of the prophecy that couldn’t possibly be known at the time. In addition, it has to be something that is sufficiently out of the ordinary. (For example, a prediction that the sun will rise tomorrow wouldn’t qualify, but an advance list of the forthcoming weekend’s lottery winning numbers would.) Look at these websites for information about the founding of modern Israel: Palestine , Balfour Declaration , Israel. Then, see if you can find anything in there predicted by the Bible. There is nothing.

There are others also. What about the biblical prophecies that didn’t come true? Here’s one, about Jesus coming again. It’s from Revelation

Behold, I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book.
Could 'soon’, in any reasonable context, mean 'in two thousand years [and counting]’? No, of course not.

God predicted it. You cannot be serious.

How do you explain the prophecies in Revelations that have become true? No Revelation prophecy worthy of that description has become true. At least one – the one about the return of Jesus – has not.

Please be a bit more sceptical!

Posted: November 8th 2007

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brian thomson www

Wow, where do we start..? OK, Israel: a self-fulfilling prophecy, since the Jewish people wanted it for all those years of Diaspora, and worked to make it happen. It didn’t “just appear,” it was formed after a sustained political campaign in Britain (see the Balfour Declaration), international negotiations, and sympathy after the Holocaust gave it the final push.

As for the rest: so vague, you can read anything in to it. Seven seals? Why not dolphins?

Posted: November 8th 2007

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