Why do you hate god?

Posted: February 12th 2011

donsevers www

Why don’t you hate God? If he exists, he plays favorites. This week in Iowa, a three year old girl was mauled to death by dogs. A neighbor boy tried to help but the dogs turned on him. Can you imagine the pain, terror and abandonment this little girl felt as these animals tore at her? Where’s my mom? Why doesn’t anyone help me?

God either can’t or won’t intervene in such situations. Those are the only two possibilities. It actually reflects better on God if he is weak or nonexistent than to say he is all-powerful but chooses to do nothing.

I don’t believe in God for many scientific, logical and moral reasons. But the clincher for me is that, even if he existed, I would have to rebel against him out of concern for my fellow humans. Any god who could reduce suffering and doesn’t isn’t worthy of devotion.

There are many options besides theism. Misotheists believe in God but hate him. Maltheists believe in God but think he is evil. Atheists don’t believe in God. Atheists don’t have to go so far as to say God doesn’t exist, although many of us do. It is enough to withhold belief, just as you withhold belief in all the other gods and countless other things like orbiting teapots.

Elie Wiesel said the Nazis killed his God. I was very moved when I first heard this, but then I realized, “We didn’t need the Nazis. We already had smallpox, birth defects, mental illness and neglect. God has always played favorites and allowed the most dreadful things to happen to our children. We would condemn any human who did the same.”

Posted: March 10th 2011

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Dave Hitt www

You can’t really hate a fictional character. But if the desert god were real, I’d hate him because he’s a cruel, vindictive, narcissistic, misogynistic, genocidal monster.

Posted: February 28th 2011

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Reed Braden www

Why do you hate all the things you don’t believe exist?

Posted: February 28th 2011

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Blaise www

We don’t. Not even a little. Why do you hate using your mind for anything other than parroting irrational ideas?

Do you see what I did there?

Posted: February 18th 2011

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flagellant www

It is bizarre that you assume – totally erroneously – that atheists secretly believe in god. It is clear from your question that you think we hate him/her/it when the truth of the matter is that we genuinely do not believe in god in the same way that we don’t believe in fairies, Father Christmas, and unicorns. This is because we have seen no evidence for the existence of any of these mythical creatures.

Just because you believe in something (god) what gives you the right to suppose that everyone else ought to believe in her/him/it too? It’s nothing to do with careful assessment of the evidence on your part: together with your deluded brethren, you’ve accepted god unthinkingly in the face of lack of confirmatory evidence.

I wonder how you came to believe. Perhaps you were subtly brainwashed, perhaps the idea of god makes you feel good, perhaps you’ve never thought seriously about the subject, perhaps you imagine that god talks to you, or perhaps you think that the bible is evidence for god when, instead, it is merely a mishmash of man-made myths. Perhaps it’s all of these; but these are not sensible ways to arrive at a rational conclusion. You clearly believe without evidence. Compare this to the atheist position: we don’t believe because there is no evidence for god, not because we have an emotional attachment to the idea of a creator.

Please do not flaunt your ignorance of the atheist position. Atheists would come to believe in god should serious evidence for her/his/its existence turn up; until then, given this lack of evidence, we stand firm: there is no god. Atheism means denying the existence of god; it has nothing whatsoever to do with hate.

Posted: February 18th 2011

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SmartLX www

I’m going to assume in this case that you’ve heard the straightforward answers to this question before; that you really think self-proclaimed atheists do believe in God, and merely deny the fact. Maybe it’s not true for you, but it’s true for many evangelists. It’s Ray Comfort’s official position on atheists, for instance.

This is above all wishful thinking. Most preaching and apologetic, especially Comfort-style stuff, only serves to alternately reassure and frighten those who already believe. It trades on an existing emotional connection to basic religious ideas, which helps to “bypass the intellect” – in Comfort’s own words. If that connection isn’t there to begin with, apologetic has to stand on its own merits, and it usually doesn’t.

Posted: February 14th 2011

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George Locke

I know that France has no king, so how could I form an opinion as to whether the King of France is bald? I know that God doesn’t exist, so how could I like or dislike God?

Seriously, though: what gives you the idea that atheists in general hate God?

Posted: February 14th 2011

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Paula Kirby www

Your question doesn’t make sense, I’m afraid. You have to believe something exists before you can hate it. Atheists don’t believe gods exist – that’s what atheist means: therefore we cannot hate them, any more than we can hate Marxist daffodils.

Posted: February 14th 2011

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Why are you asking people who have no god belief why they hate what they don’t believe? I don’t hate Thor or Zeus either. I have no god belief or belief in Thor or Zeus because there is no evidence to entertain such beliefs, hence my lack of belief has nothing to do with my hating Thor, Zeus, or your particular brand of god. I don’t bother with the lot of them.

Posted: February 14th 2011

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brian thomson www

Why do you hate unicorns? This has been done before – please have a look at the answers to the old question .

Posted: February 14th 2011

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