Why can't people see through mythology?

I’m an agnostic and I really mean no offense and not to insult religious people but I just can’t get why people can’t see through mythology like religion? I saw through it at 13 and questioned before even then, but there are adults and wise people today who still haven’t. I just don’t get why educated people would still believe this unless they were heavily indoctrinated or just never questioned it. It does give them a way to sorta relieve stress or forget their problems but they should be able to face them or just deal with it…. what are reasons why people believe in religion when they find other religions silly or mythology/religion long ago laughable when theirs is nearly just as laughable or even more laughable? Is it from just being brought up by parents that way because children are so gullible? Are they too scared of hell? What do you think?

Posted: February 27th 2011


It’s simple.

Most believers were raised in religious households and either have never really thought much about it and/or garner emotional comfort from the promise of a better place when they die.

Posted: February 28th 2011

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My hypothesis on this revolves around the concept of Certainty. How many times do you hear people asking questions like “how can you be sure?” or “what if you’re wrong?” We see Evolution by Natural Selection dismissed as “only a theory” because it’s not supported by absolute proof, and the development of Quantum Theory implies that matter, at the most fundamental sub-atomic levels, is uncertain (cf Heisenberg).

Some people simply can not handle the uncertainty inherent in scientific explanations of reality: if you’re like Malcolm X, who said “I don’t want Knowledge, I want Certainty”, then religion has the advantage in that it offers that Certainty. Science, and Scientists, can’t quite compete on that level, can they? Never mind that the Certainty offered by Religion has no basis in reality: for most of our history, life was “nasty, brutish and short”. Faced with an uncertain prospect of surviving this life, people felt the need for certain knowledge about the next life, and that’s what religion offered.

Posted: February 28th 2011

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Society pretends that religious beliefs can be true, that there could be a true religion, instead of focusing on the truth, that any present religion is future mythology. I am an outspoken atheist for that reason, as not to contribute to such enabling.

Religious beliefs are potent hijackers of basic human abilities, desires, and traits, and that aspect combined with society tiptoeing around the ridiculousness of it presents a tough nut to crack.

Posted: February 28th 2011

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