Becoming agnostic/atheist

I know that there is a very slim chance of God existing so I decided to become agnostic. My parents are Polish, strict Roman Catholics. We go to church every Sunday and sometimes on the weekdays. I think its a waste of time and I have said it. They refuse to acknowledge this. I spend countless hours a week at Church and since I am 15 they won’t give me a choice. I want to be agnostic, but don’t know if I can tell them the right way. I know I wouldn’t tell my grandparents, but I don’t think they’ll be hurt by it, more or less mad. Please respond and thanks.

Posted: April 15th 2011

Reed Braden www

If you want to be an agnostic, you’re already an agnostic, and the authority figures in your life can’t change that by simply asserting authority. Congratulations.

Posted: April 18th 2011

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