How can I gently guide him to his decision?

Dear Atheists,

I was a believer up to age seven, I’m 37 now. I read the bible, and was enraged with the “good book”. How does a father treat his own creation so poorly?

Now I am faced with it. I have an 18 year old atheist son, and a 10 year old boy that is struggling with his beliefs. How can I gently guide him to his decision without bible bashing him to see that there is no god? They have different mothers, both are believers. I need advice.

Posted: April 17th 2011


I think the best way to encourage atheism is a study of religious myths across all cultures and a perhaps delving into skepticism related to paranormal beilefs.

How reilgious is his mother? If she’s evangelical, you’ll need to be careful because it may put the child in a tough situation, and your actions could come up in custody hearings.

Posted: April 18th 2011

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If your older son is on good terms with his half-brother, ask him to talk to him about the topic. Brothers are more likely to listen to each other than to their parents.

If that doesn’t work, remember it doesn’t matter what he calls his beliefs as long as he has the correct information about the evidence that will lead him to that conclusion by himself. Give him age-appropriate books and DVDs on the topics of evolution and cosmology, and try to get him interested in the sciences now.

Posted: April 18th 2011

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