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Hello. I work for a Church and I am an agnostic or at least somewhere near it. Well my issue is that I have a 5 year old who attends the school in which is part of the church. It is unknown that I am agnostic and if anyone found out I would be fired. I need her to attend some church at sometime. Maybe every other month so she can tell her teachers honestly that she does attend. I need to find a denomination that will not brainwash her and that I could attend without being expected to do their rituals. And it is a Christian school/church. Thank you.

Posted: May 13th 2011

Paula Kirby www

I agree with Logicel. You may be experiencing a short-term necessity, simply because of the need to go on paying your bills, but what is stopping you from simply stepping outside of that necessity, finding a different job and sending your daughter to a different school? I appreciate that it may not be all that straightforward, on either count, but wouldn’t that be the more honest approach, rather than pretending to go along with beliefs that you don’t, in fact, share? Living a lie is not a good way to live, and not a good thing to get your daughter used to at such a young age either.

One of the reasons – possibly the MAIN reason in Western Europe – why religion still holds such sway is that too many of those of us who don’t share it continue to allow ourselves to be silenced by it or even blackmailed by it ('Go to church or else your child can’t come to our school’). We all need to stand up for ourselves a bit more, and start denying religion its hold over us. People are free to believe whatever they like, but they have no right to blackmail or bully you into pretending that you, too, believe their nonsense. We all need to take a stand on these things, or people will still be in your situation in 20, 30, 50 years’ time. I’m not suggesting you risk being sacked tomorrow, but I am suggesting making every effort you possibly can to find a different source of income, and a different school for your daughter.

Posted: May 21st 2011

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I regret to say that I find your question unclear. If you are willing to change work then why can’t you get a secular job?

However, Unitarians and Quakers usually don’t push indoctrination.

Posted: May 21st 2011

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