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are there hotels run by atheist? I don’t want my business to go to a room with a bible in it if it just as well could go to a rational, honest, non superstitious hotel chain

Posted: May 26th 2011

Dave Hitt www

Why just hotels? Why not refuse to buy food produced by religious farmers, and refuse to eat at any restaurant unless the owners and operators and waitresses are atheist? Perhaps you shouldn’t watch any TV, movies, or newscasts unless everyone involved in the production is a freethinker. Books and magazines and music and art by anyone who has any religious belief or superstition would have to be avoided. And of course, before you buy anything you’d have to double check to be sure the inventor, designer, factory workers, and truck driver who brought it to the store were all atheists, not to mention the clerks in the store.

We are a minority, and that’s not going to change within our lifetime. It’s not possible to avoid using the goods and services of religious people. Even if we could, why should we limit ourselves? Most religious folks are fine people, and many of them excel at what they do. I’d much rather have a meal prepared by a brilliant chief who goes to church every Sunday than suffer through a meal made by an incompetent atheist who burns the salad.

Posted: May 30th 2011

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brian thomson www

I stayed in a hotel in New York in 2001, which was run by a couple of Sikhs – yet there were Gideon Bibles in the rooms and porn channels on the TV. (Apparently.) The presence of the Bibles doesn’t mean that the owners are Christians or even endorse Christianity, any more than the presence of porn channels on the TV implied that the owners were “swingers”. It just harks back to a bygone age when the Bible was the one book that every guest would want to read, and it’s not worth worrying about. I carry my own books when I travel, so I don’t need to read the Gideon Bible – or turn the TV to a porn channel.

Posted: May 30th 2011

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SmartLX www

I think you’d find, if you were able to check, that many hotels with Bibles in the rooms are in fact run by atheists. Atheist hotel managers accept Bibles from the Gideons firstly because they’re free and secondly because they don’t want to upset Christians and lose business through religious boycotts.

Though I haven’t pinned this down at the time of writing, I know some groups have looked at the possibility of distributing a significant number of atheist books (like The God Delusion) alongside the Gideon Bibles. It’s tough to match the Gideons, as after all their work they’re extremely efficient at producing and distributing their books, but it could be done with enough resources. Then, of course, the question is whether it would be worthwhile.

Posted: May 30th 2011

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