Is it so radical to believe that something created you?

Okay, so who created you? (Being serious) Your mother. Who created your mother? Her mother.

There seems to be no answer as to what created everything before the stuff began, even with the Big Bang Theory, because what created the atoms, right?

With this being said, it seems to me, from a Christian view, that atheists can only rely on the “it’s here now”. But, you can’t rely on that, either, because if everything “just existed”, wouldn’t it always just exist and not have an end? Yet, stars are known meet their ends, and from an atheist’s point of view, planets as well.

So, is it so radical to believe that something created you? Or is there something I’m missing?

Posted: August 6th 2011


You are talking about many different htings.

First off, where humans came from. How that happened through evolution is well understood and very well supported.

Second, where life came from. That is less well understood but there is a lot of research that suggests that it happened through naturalistic processes.

Third, where did the universe come from. We know a lot there, but there’s still a lot left unknown.

In the face of that unknown, you can say, “that’s something we don’t know yet, but we may know in the future”.

Or you can say, “God did it”, but a) there is no evidence for that and b) saying that has no explanatory power.

So, yes, it is radical to believe that god did it.

Posted: August 18th 2011

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Galen Rose www

Of course SOMETHING created me. I call it “universe.” Although, “nature” is also a pretty good answer. But the question you seem to be dancing around is, “Who or what created the universe?” And that is the important question.

No one knows for certain how the universe came into existence. Was it the big bang? Did the big bang result from a collision of “branes?” No one knows. I think there is one thing we can be pretty sure of, though, and that is that the first thing to exist was NOT the most complex entity imaginable (with no means of coming into existence); that is, a god, a being with a mind and intentions. Where would such a being come from? If everything that exists needed a creator, then who or what created that being? If something could just exist without a creator, then why not the universe itself, in some form or another? The universe itself is a much simpler hypothesis, since it requires no mind or intentions.

I don’t believe an intelligent creator is necessary for the universe, or me, to exist. I see no evidence or logical necessity for the existence of such a being. The simpler hypotheses are that the universe either always existed, or it created itself (Stephen Hawking’s belief), no gods necessary.

Posted: August 18th 2011

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Steve Zara www

Yes, it is radical. Because it tells us nothing at all. The point of asking questions about our origins is to get answers, and answers that provide explanations. Explanations only work if they reduce what there is to ask about.

For example, if you picked up a coin you found in the street and started tossing it and you got 10 heads in a row, that would seem to require some kind of explanation, as the chance of it happening by chance alone is so remote. Now, someone who was watching you toss the coin comes up and says “Those ten heads are no mystery. I had been tossing the coin before you and I got 90 heads in a row. Your ten head is simply a subset of a hundreds heads in a row”. That’s no answer! The supposed answer only raises more questions because the supposed answer involves even less likelihood of chance alone.

We humans, along with all the other life on Earth, are incredibly complex, but we couldn’t create a universe. So, saying that there was some being even more complex than us that made the universe isn’t an explanation at all. It’s like the coin tosses.

Posted: August 18th 2011

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