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I’m a 12 year old kid with catholic parents. I started out to be a very strong catholic but over time I lost faith and trusted science. My dad is not that religious but my mom and grandparents are and I do not want to put anymore stress on them that they already have because my grandpa died. How and when should i tell them?

Posted: August 9th 2011


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You might get lucky, but it’s possible that your mother and grandmother will never understand why you feel the way you do. You should be very careful about telling them because there’s no way to un-tell them if things get bad, and your parents have the ability to make things very hard for you if they wish.

Posted: August 16th 2011

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If I am reading your question correctly, you are more concerned that you will further upset your mom and grandma who are going through mourning then actually being concerned that your stating of your atheism would cause you problems as your father is not that religious.

If that is the case, then you need simply to wait some time, probably a few months at least after your grandpa’s death. You could tell your father now and express that you are interested in not upsetting your mom and grandma any further and how and when or even if you should you do that. If you tell your father, be prepared so you can say why you no longer are able to practice the Catholic faith. Mention that you do not want to pretend and live a lie, by not letting the ones close to you know that you no longer believe in what they do.

You seem to be a very bright, considerate young person, and I wish you the best. Remember that you can try checking in at the atheist nexus forum (on the upper right of this page, above the ads) to get some more ideas.

Posted: August 16th 2011

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Dave Hitt www

You probably shouldn’t until you’re in a position to support yourself. If you do, it’s possible, maybe even likely, that some family members will make your life miserable through all your teen years.

It stinks that you can’t be honest and just say what you feel, but keeping quiet about certain beliefs, or lack of them, is often the best option.

Posted: August 15th 2011

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