Is atheism a religon when the court says so?

In 2005, 7th circuit court of appeals said that atheism was a relgion, and so an inmate had the right to gather and discuss it, just like other religious people had the right to gather.

This is the article: http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=31895

Is atheism a religion when the court rules that it is?

Posted: August 15th 2011

Dave Hitt www

The courts decide legal definitions, which are constructs of the state. They do not decide reality. If they were to declare that Pi = 3 or unicorns were real it wouldn’t change reality.

Posted: August 18th 2011

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George Locke

Are corporations people when the courts say so?

The choice to believe or not believe cannot be infringed by the state. My understanding of the ruling in question is that the prison was effectively promoting a certain religious view, theism, over atheism. This is not permitted under the establishment clause, as noted in Torcaso v. Watkins: “[the state cannot] pass laws or impose requirements which aid all religions as against nonbelievers”. Justice Wood writes in his decision, “the defendants [the prison] have not answered Kaufman’s argument that by accommodating some religious views, but not his, they are promoting the favored ones.”

So what this ruling says is that allowing theistic religious groups but not atheist groups constitutes a violation of the establishment clause insofar as it endorses a specific religious view, theism, and impedes another, atheism.

The question of whether God exists pertains to religion no matter which way you answer it. That’s what the ruling boils down to.

Posted: August 18th 2011

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