Were your parents atheists?

Posted: August 15th 2011

Mike the Infidel www

Nope. Both are liberal Christians.

Posted: August 30th 2011

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SmartLX www

My father is an atheist and my mother is Catholic. My wife’s father is an atheist and her mother is Catholic. I’m an atheist and my wife is Catholic, and neither of us looks like changing any time soon, so our children will have a father who’s an atheist and a mother who’s Catholic.

I went to a Catholic primary school and we attended church at Christmas, Easter and whenever else Mum felt like it. My father rarely spoke about religion, and it barely registered with me that he didn’t believe until later in life. I think just the fact that someone I looked up to didn’t buy into religion was enough to get me thinking and questioning, and ultimately led to my rejection of Christianity.

Posted: August 21st 2011

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Galen Rose www

I’m actually not sure. Religion was simply not discussed in my home when I was growing up, and we didn’t attend church. My dad spoke positively about the bible once or twice, in passing, when I was in my late teens. I don’t recall my mother, a wise, kind, and loving person, ever mentioning anything connected with gods or religion, and she died before I became interested enough to ask.

I was a quasi-deist for most of my life. I didn’t go to church, and never thought Jesus Christ was a deity, but I thought there probably was a god, and I did pray during difficult times. I was in my fifties before I did any serious research and the evidence forced me to the conclusion that man creates gods, not the other way round.

Did you know that, down through the ages, man has worshiped literally thousands of different gods, and hundreds are still worshiped on the earth today, and yet not one man ever saw a single god and could prove it? With so many, and over so much time, wouldn’t you think that at least one of those gods would have been demonstrated to exist, conclusively? Yet, it’s still all talk, all hearsay, all claims and nothing that could reasonably be called proof. I find that fact fascinating.

Posted: August 20th 2011

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flagellant www

I was brought up to go to Sunday school by my Father who was a pillar of the Church. From the very earliest, I had difficulty in believing what I was told, although I studied scripture and sat exams in it.

My Mother was less involved but she attended church with my Father. She certainly wasn’t an atheist.

I told my parents that I was an atheist in my late teens. But I still had a long way to go in ridding myself of the thought that there might be something in it after all.

So, you see, I am an atheist and an anti-theist despite the best efforts of my parents.

Posted: August 19th 2011

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My father was a minister and my mother was quite religious.

Posted: August 18th 2011

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Dave Hitt www

No, they were part of a fundy cult that made religion the center of our life, every single hour of every single day. It was a horrible existence, and led me to do lots of research, starting as a teenager. What I found out led me to becoming an atheist.

Posted: August 18th 2011

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