Am I way too passionate about atheism?

I don’t have any tolerance for the sheer stupidity around me. Both my family and my girlfriend are Catholic and it has become an extremely difficult situation recently.

I had an argument with my girlfriend and it was my fault, but I just can’t help it. She said she was sick and told me to go to the pharmacy. I told her to go ask a priest for a prescription of prayers.

People might say I should respect her religion, but I CAN’T. It is just not in me. It’s not strictly about religion, I just cannot stand ignorance of any kind.

I have this problem because I am surrounded by A LOT of ignorant people and this will destroy my relationships with them. But come on, imaginary people in the sky? Really? I still don’t understand what the hell is going on in society. It sounds like a bad Sci-Fi TV show, not an actual social belief.

Anyway, I need some pointers on how to manage my intolerance. It’s getting the best of me and soon I’ll probably just end up disrespecting my girlfriend on a personal level. I wish everyone would just wake up being critical and rational thinkers, but that’s just not going to happen any time soon.

Posted: November 1st 2011

Dave Hitt www

You need some perspective.

You may know, absolutely know, that the Cubs are a horrible baseball team, but are you going to get into a fight with every Cubs fan? Are you going to reject their friendship over something that trivial?

Ultimately, religious belief should be as trivial as someone’s favorite sports team. They think there are spooks in the sky that control everything? Meh. Let 'em.

You can’t respect their religion. But you need to learn to respect their right to believe what they want. If you don’t you’re going to be in for a rather miserable, lonely life.

You’ve got to overcome the idea that you’re the smartest person in the room. When you’re with religious people, you are, but only on this subject. Unless you’re dealing with extreme godders, it doesn’t have to be an important subject. Find something else you agree on and work from there.

You should also find a new girlfriend. Extremely religious people and atheists are a bad combination.

Most of my friends are religious, simply because most people are religious. You don’t need more than one or two things in common with people to become best friends. If, instead of finding that common ground, you persist in emphasizing the thing you can’t agree on, you’re drastically limiting your life and your experiences.

Posted: November 3rd 2011

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Galen Rose www

As you clearly understand, to lose friends and family over your atheism would be a great loss, and is probably unnecessary.

Perhaps you need to keep in mind that these people are victims. Most of them didn’t choose to be indoctrinated, but they were, and into a cult which stresses fear; fear of “sin,” fear of hell, rear of doubt, and fear of those who might cause them to doubt.

There is no reason to respect their religion, as such, since it is nothing but a false philosophy. Religion is mere superstition and superstition should always be understood for what it is – a damaging wound to individual human minds and a destructive impediment to the progress of mankind. BUT, while religion deserves no respect, people do. And in being kind, understanding, and moral with people, you are doing atheism a service by showing them that atheists can be good people too.

I suggest that when you feel yourself beginning to lose patience with their sky daddy nonsense, that you step back mentally and remind yourself that they are victims who have been trained through fear.

Posted: November 3rd 2011

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You’re stuck with your family. My advice there is to not be a dick about it; yes, they believe silly things, but your choices are either to hold your tongue or not have a relationship with them. In my case I ended up holding my tongue with my parents and not having a relationship with one of my sisters.

For your girlfriend, if you can’t respect her you shouldn’t be her boyfriend. Project forward into future; if you are having problems now, what are you going to say if she wants a big church wedding? What if she wants to have your kids baptised?

Posted: November 2nd 2011

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