Opinions on ghosts and spriritual mediums

As atheists do not believe in the after life, what are your opinions on programmes that see ghosts etc and your opinions on spiritualists and mediums. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Posted: December 10th 2011


Spiritualists and mediums are charlatans who prey on other people. Everything that they can do can be duplicated by magicians.

Posted: December 13th 2011

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Galen Rose www

I think such shows shamelessly pander to the curiosity of the uneducated and the gullible. These shows could be performing a useful, educational public service by debunking such supernatural hokum, but, instead, they feed the myths and keep them alive and thriving.

Science has been searching for the supernatural and supernatural entities for several hundred years now, and still not a trace. There’s nothing wrong with continuing the search, we may learn something, but in portraying such things on TV shows as real only serves to undermine public understanding of how the world really works.

Posted: December 12th 2011

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SmartLX www

They don’t present any good evidence for any contact from or presence of the dead,except for the corpses in the coffins. Particularly in the case of mediums (media?), there are too many different ways they can have gotten the information they’re giving the audience for the most likely explanation to be that they’re talking to real ghosts.

Without good evidence, there’s no reason to believe in these phenomena. So far, the TV shows haven’t changed that.

Posted: December 12th 2011

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Blaise www

The rationalist position on such things is pretty simple. The more unbelievable the story, the more evidence required to believe it.

If a person claims to have seen a dog on the street, we generally accept it at face value, because we’re already in possession of lots of evidence for the existence of dogs, and for their presence on many streets. If they claim to have seen a whale on the street, we require more than their word, because it would take a pretty unlikely series of events to get a sea-creature in such an unnatural place. If they claim to have had a conversation with the spirit of a dead person, we would need a veritable mountain of evidence, because a) there’s no evidence spirits exist in the first place, b) even if there are spirits, there’s no evidence they can “come back” to have conversations, and c) in our experience, when someone claims to be conversing with something that’s invisible and incorporeal, they are either lying or insane.

Posted: December 11th 2011

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