Theists drove me to atheism, then to anti-theism.

I began life as an indoctrinated christian, as a child. I questioned from a very early age, the sense of believing in a deity.

My mind was made up at an AWANA function I was forced to attend in middle school. I was 13. I mentioned the evolution of a butterfly, and frogs. My question was quickly quashed with an answer of “Intelligent Design”. I was stunned! I responded that intelligent design, negates the need of jesus christ and makes the book of genesis irrelevant.

The teacher chastised me in front of the other children, and quickly switched to a song about- “On mondays I am happy, on tuesdays full of joy …” I stood up and left the room behind, as my atheism solidified at that visceral moment of my life.

At age 18 I entered the Marine Corps. When it was time to fill out the card for “dog-tags”. I put Atheist. They elected to put – Non denomination. I was pissed. At that point I felt betrayed. I fell to agnostic atheism. I wish now I would have fought for my atheist dog-tags.

One of my friends was killed in combat. The Chaplin told me that it was “God bringing his child home”. He had a 4 month old little girl he’d never met, and a wife of only 14 months. I was pissed, I fell to gnostic atheism.

I had a Marine, from my home town, killed in the war in Iraq. I attended his funeral. Westboro baptist church members were there, and so were The Patriot Guard (Thank you) with their motorcycles. It was bittersweet.

At that point when I read a sigh from wbc pukes that said “GOD Hates Soldiers”, I fell to anti-theist.

Or should I say that I evolved? Religion- of any sort- is killing humanity. I am not, nor ever been a hateful person; however, christians are making me despise them by their actions, and words.

I realize that I am in a very small group of anti-theists. I feel I have been driven there by christians. When? Will they ever try to understand? Or is there goal to just ransack our blogs and forums with senseless bullshit?

They always get mad at me before they leave a discussion about religion with me. I only tell them the truth.

To the Atheists: Please tell me if I am being absurd, childish, unrealistic or just plain stupid? I can handle the criticism.

Posted: December 14th 2011

Galen Rose www

I understand your frustration as I deal with it almost daily.

It is only natural to feel anger at those who are undermining our society. However, I try to remember that while the religious may be supporters of harmful nonsense, they are also victims. The vast majority did not ask to be indoctrinated, they were subjected to it as children. This helps me to keep my anger under control.

Yet, I feel very strongly that superstition should always be aggressively discouraged and shown for what it is – a damaging wound to individual human minds and a destructive impediment to the progress of mankind.

Posted: January 5th 2012

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I am anti-theist only towards theocracies and the religious believers who support and want them.

In America, it certainly is maddening to encounter so much religious nonsense almost nonstop. I understand how an atheist can be so fed up and disgusted with religious superstition in 2012. I suggest that you continue feeling your emotions and at the same time, gradually learn not to act out on them and channel that emotion instead into deciding what part of their nonsense if any you want to debate and then do it to the best of your ability, keeping in mind you can’t teach someone something they have no interest in learning.

As for your hatred towards Christians, I find this personal anecdote relevant: My Estonian mother-in-law grew up oppressed by the Soviet Union. She identified her budding hatred for the Soviets early on in her childhood and told herself, no, I will not hate because hatred is stupid, useless, and dangerous if kept going.

I also think that it is important to understand that it is you that is driving yourself to hate Christians as you are the only one who can control/regulate your emotions.

Like Elie Wiesel, I also think that the opposite of love is not hate, but apathy. My guess is since your reaction is not one of apathy, you probably don’t 'hate’ them.

Posted: January 5th 2012

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