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I am very close to not believing in God. As far as the bible is concerned I know the old testament is obviously not true, I still question why the new testament isn’t. Especially because Bruce Metzger the scholar who taught Bart Ehrman claims it is 99% accurate. Also William Lane Craig’s book reasonable faith is stopping me from disbelief. I understand in academic circles he is seen as a joke but could you explain laymans terms why he is?

Posted: January 12th 2012

Galen Rose www

I don’t see Craig as a joke, but as a dangerous purveyor of a twisted morality.

In this article, http://www.reasonablefaith.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=5767, he defends genocide and infanticide. Basically, his argument is if bad people were killed in the bible, then they deserved it, and if good people were killed then they went to heaven anyway and everything is just fine. This includes the murder of Canaanite babies.

There is something seriously wrong with defending the murder of babies, under any conditions, and there is something seriously wrong with anyone who would defend the practice. This position is morally bankrupt, and anyone who takes this guy seriously is in danger of having his moral sensitivities perverted.

As for the “truth” of the New Testament, it claims that Jesus was followed around by great multitudes, attracted the attention of many important Jewish and Roman officials, performed dozens of miracles, and his death was attended by an earthquake, a three hour darkness, and saints leaving their graves and walking around town. Now notice that not one single historian of that period ever noticed even one of these wondrous things, as not one ever mentioned Jesus in his writings. That simple fact suggests very strongly that the NT is a work of fiction, a compilation of myth and legend.

Posted: February 11th 2012

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Amplified Atheist www

Well done for taking the steps into appreciating your life without the need for religion.

If you have concluded that the Old Testament isn’t true then the same WILL stand for the New Testament just by definition.

As for William Lane Craig, throw the book away. If you are questioning faith i would urge you to seek out your answers for yourself by reading much more scholarly and knowledgeable writers such as Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. On my blog i actually featured an article by a friend who reconverted from Catholicism to atheism and i think his article will help you.

I don’t know that much about Craig, only from what i’ve seen of him in debates as there’s no way i’d read any of his books. Most of what i’ve seen his arguments are circular and there’s no real logic or reason behind any of his claims. He’s a charlatan.

I would direct you to his debate with Christopher Hitchens in order for you to be able to see for yourself why he’s such a tedious man.


you can see by this debate that he takes a lot out of context, and even though the main question is Does God Exist, from the outset craig sets his own set of defining boundaries for the questions and does not stick to the main point very much.

Needless to say, Hitchens is epic in this debate.

I’m hoping others with more experience of Craig will be able to come on here and help answer more about him for you.

Posted: February 10th 2012

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