Is it funny to pretend I'm possessed?

I would like to go into a church and pretend to be possessed by Satan or some other demonic force prevalent in Christian mythology. I would like to know if, as atheists, you would find humor in seeing this happen, or take offense by making light of other peoples faith?

Posted: January 25th 2012

Dave Hitt www

Ridicule is a very powerful way to get your point across, but you have to be good at it and do it in the right venue.

When people are worshiping in a church, what they’re doing is none of your business. Leave them alone.

When they pull their nonsense in public then ridicule is perfectly appropriate. But faking possession is unlikely to be effective. I’d suggest you study The Onion, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report before trying the art ridicule and then work into it gradually.

Posted: February 11th 2012

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Paula Kirby www

I wouldn’t find it remotely funny. I would find it childish and rude. If you want to be considered a champion of rationalism, then you need to behave rationally.

Posted: February 10th 2012

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Amplified Atheist www

Personally, i don’t think this would be funny at all.

I am a strong atheist, i’m very outspoken about how i feel about religion but i would never go into a church and act the fool and i don’t think anyone else should either.

Religion to me is nonsense, but its a cornerstone for so many families and whether or not you agree with it, going into church and openly attacking their beliefs in a non constructive way is not very kind.

Are you an atheist yourself?

If you’d like to actively try to express to people in your community that there are other options in life other than needing faith to get through it, then i think it is far better to do it in a useful and constructive way, disrupting somebody’s sunday service (and probably scaring lots of children) isn’t the way to do it.

Posted: February 10th 2012

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