Sai baba bread becomes double

Hi, I am an atheist. But one of my friend told me that she had got some sai baba bread (appam) from her friend. And if she keep it in one vessel and pray him daily, it will become double. As usual i have not believed. And today she said that it becomes double. I want to prove her wrong that it is not because of sai baba. Can you please explain me the reason.

Posted: March 1st 2012

George Locke

Someone is cheating. Your whole life, you have seen plenty of bread, and none of it has ever doubled. So her claim of magic bread is extraordinary, and demands extraordinary evidence. If she refuses to do some sort of controlled experiment, point out that mundane explanations such as trickery are vastly more likely than magic (being commonly observed as opposed to magic bread which is never observed), and you’d need a rock solid reason not to assume she or someone else isn’t the cause of the apparent “doubling”.

If she agrees to test her claim, put the bread in a place where no one will tamper with it. As suggested below, cut the bread in half, and only pray for one half. Be very careful to prevent cheating. If all goes well, no new bread will appear, and she will probably make excuses for why no new bread appears. Then, you could tell her about the dragon in your garage.

Sai Baba is a very dangerous charlatan. The Science and Rationalists’ Association of India (SRAI) has a great deal of information on him: link.

Posted: March 2nd 2012

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jonecc www

Tell her to get some more, break it in two, and keep each piece in a separate vessel. Then, get her to pray over one half and not the other.

You may need to supervise some of this.

Also, try not to let the inanity of the whole thing get you down.

Posted: March 2nd 2012

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