Atheist Songs

Are there any inspiring Atheist songs that you all like to listen to? The only one I can think of is, of course, “Imagine” by John Lennon.

Is there good music about science? Kind of like Big Bang Theory by the BareNakedLadies.

Posted: May 1st 2012

Galen Rose www

I like “Dear God,” by XTC. It has great lyrics, a terrific melody, and an excellent arrangement. I’m sure you can find it on YouTube.

Posted: May 2nd 2012

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brian thomson www

What, did no-one tell you that Atheists Don’t Have No Songs ?

I like the band Rush, for their forward-looking lyrics as well as the musicianship. I think they have only a couple of songs that address atheism directly e.g. Faithless . That’s a gentle humanistic song, but if you want an “angry atheist” song, one of my favourites is God Only Knows by James – and that’s aimed more at preachers and corrupt churches than faith in general.

I think that one of the reasons “Christian Music” is so bad is that it’s limited to being about Christianity, at the expense of the music itself. I wouldn’t want “Atheist Music” to fall in to the same trap. “Spirituality” in songs doesn’t bother me, and I also like music that I know was written by Christians – for example, Dream Theater songs sometimes get a bit “spiritual”, but not particularly Christian as far as I know. It doesn’t compromise that music, and that’s enough for me

Posted: May 2nd 2012

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