Why do you hate God/Jesus?

Posted: May 31st 2007

George Ricker www

Why would we waste our time hating something that does not exist?

Atheists don’t hate gods. What most of us do hate are the many destructive things done in their names. I think we hate the excesses and the dogmatism of religions. We hate the superstition and ignorance often promoted by religions.

We don’t hate gods. We hate what happens when human minds are crippled and enslaved, human societies polarized and human lives sometimes destroyed as the result of god-belief.

Posted: March 7th 2009

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vjack www

It is nonsensical to talk about atheists hating gods. We do not believe that gods exist, so saying we hate them is like someone asking if you hate fairies, unicorns, or any other sort of non-existent entities.

As for Jesus, I am bothered by the fact that there are no records of his existence documented by secular contemporaries (i.e., non-Christians living at the time he supposedly lived). Without evidence that he existed, it is similarly meaningless to consider hate or any other emotional reaction.

If this question is really designed to ask whether I hate Christianity, I have provided an answer here.

Posted: July 7th 2007

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Russell Blackford www

This is a leading question: it makes an assumption that the questioner is not entitled to make. In this case, the question assumes that atheists hate God or Jesus, and then asks why? It would be better to ask, “Do you hate Jesus?” The answer in my case is that I do not hate Jesus any more than any other historical figure about whom little is known for certain. If the question were, “Do you hate God?”, I’d say that I don’t hate God any more than I hate other fictitious beings, such as Zeus, Aphrodite, Darth Vader, the Midgard Serpent, Titania the Fairy Queen, Captain Nemo, Madame Bovary, Tyrone Slothrop, Eustacia Vye, or Spider-Man.

That said, God is certainly depicted in the Bible as a most unattractive character, with His love of vengeance and warfare, His prurient obsession with matters of sex, His demands for endless praise and worship, and His requirement of blood sacrifice before He’ll forgive sins.

Posted: June 15th 2007

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jonecc www

Denying the existence of a Supreme Being is not the same as “hating” this Being. Most atheists are not anti-theists.

Christians deny the existence of Zeus in a similar way, but it’s a misuse of the word “hate” to suggest they hate Zeus just because they don’t believe in him.

Atheists are divided as to the desirability of the notion of a particular God. Some may wish it to be true, while others, notably Christopher Hitchens, would not want Abrahamic monotheism even if it existed, famously likening it to living in “North Korea” forever.

There are many aspects of religion that atheists do not like: the obsession with sex, the threat of eternal punishment, the insecurity of a Creator that needs to be constantly worshiped, and the apparent apathy of this Creator that allows Holocausts and Tsunamis to take place on His “watch”.

Posted: May 31st 2007

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