Why do atheists blame God for the misery on earth?

Nothing is wrong with God, but it is us humans that are the problem. We do not follow his Word; we have only ourselves to blame for the misery. God wants us to love Him, but we reject Him.

Posted: May 31st 2007

Mike the Infidel www

If God made human beings, crafting every possible element of the way their minds would work, isn’t everything we do technically his fault?

How could anything happen that was NOT part of his plan?

Posted: March 25th 2010

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Russell Blackford www

Atheists don’t believe that God exists, and they don’t look for any transcendent explanation of why there is so much misery. There are evolutionary explanations for why animals evolved to experience pain, which has a survival advantage.

But atheists tend to be incredulous when orthodox religious believers attempt to absolve God of any blame for the misery, while simultaneously claiming that this being is the infinitely powerful and infinitely knowing creator of the Universe. If God is so powerful and all-knowing, he has the knowledge and abilities to do whatever is needed to relieve misery. If He is so good, he should want to do just that. So why doesn’t He?

When challenged on this, religious believers produce answers that atheists find contrived or unsatisfying, such as saying that God’s goodness is not actually about benevolence towards suffering creatures, after all, but about something else that actually matters more to Him. Or else they resort to a very radical, seemingly incoherent concept of human free will, whereby our will is so free that even an omniscient God cannot predict how we will act (but we never act at random, so it’s said, and somehow our actions are still expressions of what we are like … surely this makes no sense).

Although it’s always possible to find ingenious ways of excusing God – perhaps by redefining “goodness” or by redefining the nature of God’s infinite power, or perhaps the nature of our supposed freedom – all this leads to suspicious intellectual contortions.

Posted: June 6th 2007

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Atheists do not believe in the existence of a personal God, so they do not blame God for the misery so prevalent on earth. They fully accept that responsibility of solving problems and increasing the quality of life is squarely on human shoulders.

They also accept all the wonderful and positive achievements of humanity, emphasizing these achievements are to be credited to humanity.

However, since the Abrahamic God is presented by believers as being all powerful, all knowing, all present, and immensely loving, atheists note the glaring discrepancy between this God so described by believers and the actual reality of life on earth.

As atheists demand evidence, theists claiming that this discrepancy is simply part of the mystery of God’s divine plan does not solve this glaring dissonance between religious beliefs and reality on earth from an atheistic point of view.

Posted: June 1st 2007

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