Does Christianity make sense?

The bible’s first commandment seems to be from the original “god”. He warns everyone in this commandment to have no other god before him.

Yet, in 325AD the council of Nicaea created Jesus as the primary god of Christianity at the time they created the Nicene Creed. They do acknowledge god as “the father” but he is not put “first” as the first commandment demands. In fact god the father is rarely shown in Christian Churches, Christ is prominent.

How can Christianity call itself real and put emphasis on keeping all the commandments if it requires them to break the first commandment to become a christian in the first place.

The esoteric christian response (mantra) seems to be “It is another mystery of our faith” It is indeed a mystery. This question drove me away from religion. They ignore the simple paradox in their Christian belief systems.

I would love to hear opinions from people who are not “sold” on the religious beliefs.

Posted: September 23rd 2008

Dave Hitt www

God created two perfect people but told them they’d be punished if they ate some magical fruit that made the smart. Which, of course, they did, so he booted them out into the world where all their kids became sinners.

For some unexplained reason, God demands a ransom sacrifice of blood for blood, but there weren’t any of the required perfect humans around. So his son, who is also him, came to earth and was crucified. Now he, who is also his son, but not really, can now forgive us for doing any of the multitude of things that annoy him.

What could be more sensible?

Posted: October 2nd 2008

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Find yourself a copy of Shermer’s “Why people believe weird things” (I think that’s the title). That will be illuminating…

Posted: September 24th 2008

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John Sargeant www

The more something requires faith, the chances are the less that thing makes sense.

The issue of the trinity, and Jesus being god, gave way to heresies and persecutions. Denominations exist that deny these things.

Posted: September 24th 2008

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brian thomson www

The Councils of Nicaea can be seen as committees, which would mean that Christianity is a religion assembled by a committee. Bodges, compromises, hack jobs… if you have any experience of committees, the results probably won’t surprise you!

Posted: September 24th 2008

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Reed Braden www

No, Christianity does not make sense, and there are a multitude of reasons for this. You only cited one of a seemingly innumerable list.

Did you expect better from “Ask The Atheists”?

Posted: September 24th 2008

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George Locke

Paradox is at the essence of most religious traditions. If you ask me, it is at the essence of living, given the contradictory nature of the unconscious mind. Religion teaches us to resolve paradox, and in my view this is its greatest value. Resolving paradox enables you to integrate your unconscious desires into your waking life.

But I digress. You are attacking the trinity as an incoherent idea. I agree.

According to (traditional western) Christian doctrine, the Father is God, and Jesus is God but Jesus is not the Father. This could be like my foot is me and so is my hand, but my foot is clearly not my hand. So the three “hypostases” could be understood to be different aspects of one thing.

However, this is not what Christians believe. They claim that the Father is not an aspect of God, but that the Father is identical to God and so is the Son. Yet, they also claim that the Son is not identical to the Father. However identity is transitive, so the claim is logically invalid.

To the faithful, this is merely an indication that God is beyond human understanding. I tend to agree with this: God is essentially beyond human understanding. And yet people claim to know so much about it. It’s very perplexing.

Posted: September 23rd 2008

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