Are most secularists atheists?

I suspect that most atheists are secularists, but are most secularists atheists?

Is atheism the 'lavender menace’ of the secularist movement?

Posted: September 29th 2008

Reed Braden www

The separation of church and state in the US, it is good to remember, was proposed in a letter by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists… who were being oppressed by the Danbury Congregationalists. Separation of church and state was meant to protect both the state and the church, which should be an agreeable concept to everyone.

Posted: October 8th 2008

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John Sargeant www

Well, at the risk of sounding like “some of my best friends are …”, I know theologians who are more passionate about the secularist state than the second coming.

Atheism does not undermine secularism; the issue is really whether you think religion needs to disappear for a golden age of humanity or that any one that offers a magic bullet for humanity’s ills is more likely to shoot themselves in the foot.

If people want to believe that manna rained down from heaven and that god spoke from a burning bush fine. That to me is no different to Greek myths, or tribal stories that unite a community with a common culture.

When religion starts to be enforced on me as a basis for how to live my life, or affect my status as a citizen then a line is crossed. Your belief has become threats to my liberty, of person and thought.

The secular state is the only one that can give justice and freedom to citizens, whatever religion is yours or if you have none. That is a much more powerful argument than the irrationality of anyone believing their particular faith is true for everyone.

Posted: October 3rd 2008

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There are a large number of secularists who are not atheists. Look at the membership of American united for the separation of church and state.

Posted: October 1st 2008

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