Do the questioners ever change their minds after reading the responses posted here?

Basically, is this a site only for atheists to learn what other atheists think, or do curious theists and other questioning folk get decent explanations to their questions sufficient to change their minds (or settle their doubts)?

Posted: May 3rd 2009

flagellant www

For many years, I have helped both agnostics and believers towards a more rational World-view. Neither the superstitious, nor the 'wobblers’, readily and quickly give up their faith: the indoctrination to which they’ve been exposed is usually far too thorough.

If my experience is typical, we are not going to find out immediately and definitively if our arguments have made any difference. However, some of the well-crafted replies posted here have the potential to unsettle even the most dogmatic of believers. Thus, it’s very possible that an answer read here may start a believer on the long road towards atheism.

Once someone’s faith begins to wobble, and an agnostic is sufficiently curious to read some of our material, and/or consult other atheist resources, it is likely that the journey from superstition to reason will continue.

The intention here is to give helpful answers to people who are generally interested in atheism, but theists also consult – as well as pose questions to – the site. Believers will not be convinced in the short term. However, material here may well lead, ultimately, to a triumph of reason over superstition. The probability, that just one believer would reject his/her faith as a result of reading answers here, is much higher than finding any serious evidence for any God.

Posted: May 5th 2009

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Paula Kirby www

We have no way of knowing! But I’d like to think that people who post questions at least see that we have thought these things through and have rational, sensible answers to them.

I’m not sure that my own intention in posting here is to convert anyone; more to explain my approach to atheism to those who are interested. Since the questions keep coming, I’m inclined to think people must be getting something from it.

I like reading other people’s answers too: it’s interesting to compare different ways of expressing similar ideas.

Posted: May 4th 2009

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SmartLX www

In the absence of written replies to the given answers, our only direct feedback is the thumbs-up thumbs-down system. Since we have had a great deal of thumbs-ups, I’d say we’ve had either theists finding new, digestible perspectives or atheists finding the information they needed, or both.

The intended audiences for my answers, likewise, are variously atheists, theists or both. We’re not the entirety of atheism in here, so other atheists can be informed and affected by our answers as much as theists.

Posted: May 3rd 2009

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bitbutter www

Basically, is this a site only for atheists to learn what other atheists think

The site was primarily designed so that people who don’t identify themselves as atheists could learn what atheists think. But of course it can be interesting for atheists too.

I don’t know if anyone posting a question to the site has changed their mind with respect to the topic they asked about. It would be great if some had, but the successful function of the site doesn’t depend on that happening.

Posted: May 3rd 2009

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