Why are there no evolutionary fossil records?

There are millions of fossil records yet theists will argue that there is no fossil proof of animals in the middle of evolving. Doesn’t this make Darwinism a faith, not a fact?
Where is the proof of evolution in practice?

Posted: June 10th 2007

SmartLX www

There is fossil proof of animals in the middle of evolving. Use the links in the other answers for great examples. Since the process never stops, it can even be argued that all fossils are mid-evolution.

The main problem is that a creationist can easily see some good evidence, reject it and then turn around and say there isn’t any. Those who want to believe it will do so. Look up the Dover trial incident when Michael Behe sat in the dock denying the possibility of the evolution of the immune system, even as volumes of theories and research he hadn’t read were piled up in front of him.

Behe still says the bacterial flagellum couldn’t possibly have evolved, years after a plausible way was shown at the trial. Proof by elimination is invalid if there’s an alternative hypothesis remaining.

Evolution is incompatible with a literal interpretation of the Bible. Creationists will go on saying there is no evidence for evolution as long as they think anyone will believe it. As long as churchgoers are told to believe, many of them will. Therefore as long as any church leader believes in the inerrancy of the Bible, there will be creationists.

Posted: November 22nd 2007

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Stefan www

This is the kind of ignorance that to me is just plain scary.

Wikipedia – List of transitional fossils

I’m living in London; I’ve been to the London Natural History Museum and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Both are bursting full with fossils many of which are transitional.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to live near a large museum that displays transitional fossils, you can also visit the Virtual Fossil Museum.

Have fun and please, whoever those “theists” are that seriously think there is no fossil proof for evolution (which by the way isn’t the only proof by far), think twice before ever trusting their opinion again.

Posted: June 21st 2007

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brian thomson www

As for proof of evolution in action today: haven’t you seen the news headlines about the highly-resistant strain of tuberculosis? The “evolutionary pressure” from mass use of antibiotics allowed the resistant strain to take hold. The same is true of MRSA infections in hospitals.

Posted: June 14th 2007

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There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of evolutionary fossil records. Natural History museums from around the world are full of them: New York, Boston, London, etc.

Textbooks and popular science books on evolution have hundreds of photos of transitional fossils.

In addition, there is an entirely independent line of evidence: the genetic record. By comparing genomes between species, one can determine the amount of genetic overlap, the mutation rate, and when each common ancestor occured. So far this has supported evolutionary theory with astonishing accuracy.

Posted: June 12th 2007

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