Why is evolution the sticking point?

Evolution has taken on more political significance than probably any other scientific theory. It finds its way into many theism/atheism debates. Can you talk about why evolution is such a sticking point? Does it deserve all this attention? Why evolution and not, say, quantum mechanics?

Posted: February 1st 2010


Many theists accept evolution, in the sense that it was guided by god.

You will find evolution surfacing in debates with atheists and theists who accept the fact and scientific theory of evolution on one side and religious believers who are evolution deniers on the other. These evolution deniers are often young earth creationists.

Since there is no controversy to evolution, as it is a fact, you would think there is no reason to discuss it. However, in the richest and most developed country in the world, America, the teaching of evolution in science class is under siege because of this very powerful minority of evolution deniers. The ossified structure of American government allows the minority to get away with pushing their faith-based and evolution-denying agendas.

Because of this shameful assault against reality, yes, evolution deserves all the attention it is getting plus more. Understanding and applying evolutionary principles is essential in many scientific fields. Science can’t be cherry picked. You embrace science, you embrace evolution. If you don’t, then you are anti-science whether you admit to it or not. An powerful, anti-science minority surfacing in a country that is known for its scientific excellence is a concern for us all.

Posted: February 7th 2010

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Blaise www

As the first answer points out, there are several reasons why theists are uncomfortable with evolution, but in my opinion, the most basic and important one is ego.

Humanity is a speck, compared to the grandeur of a spectacular universe. If you can convince yourself that something even bigger than the universe stepped in and created all of it just for you, you go from being a speck to being the point at the top of the pyramid.

For the creationist, however, being the point of the pyramid still seems just too small for the human ego to be satisfied, so they go a step further. They say that humanity isn’t even attached to the pyramid, but rather floats over it, separate and superior. They want to be masters of all creation, right after their invisible friend in the sky, of course…

Posted: February 6th 2010

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Dave Hitt www

If evolution is real, Adam and Eve are fictitious.

If Adam and Eve are fictitious, there was no original sin.

If there was no original sin, there is no need for Christ’s ransom sacrifice.

Therefore, because evolution is true, the entire basis of Christianity is false.

This leaves believers having to choose between reality and faith. Most choose poorly.

Posted: February 6th 2010

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SmartLX www

There are a few different reasons why evolution is a problem for so many religious folks, though they’re all closely related.

  • Evolution requires about half a million times more time than has passed altogether according to the Bible. This immediately puts it in the “reject” pile of Biblical literalists.
  • Evolution eliminates the concept of “special creation”, in particular the idea that humans were created entirely separately from other animals and given a special place in the scheme of things. That hits a lot of people personally, which explains the emotional objections along the lines of, “My grandfather wasn’t a monkey!”
  • Evolution by natural selection is an entirely natural process, which means that although it’s possible that God intervened in it God is not necessary for it to happen. In light of evolution, all appeals in favour of the existence of God based on the beauty or complexity of living things (i.e. “arguments from design”) are without substance.
  • Evolution, though not generally well-understood, is certainly well-known. It’s a prime target for anyone wishing to advance religion over science and reach a decent audience.

Posted: February 6th 2010

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