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As others have pointed out, this is a question that comes up time and time again and that has been answered on this site countless times before, as you will see if you take a look at some of the earlier pages.

So rather than answer you directly, I would like to invite you to reflect for a moment on why it is that Christians continually ask this question. You don’t, after all, come in here repeatedly asking, ‘If God does not exist, how do planes stay in the sky?’ or ‘If God does not exist, why do we have noses?’ or ‘If God does not exist, why are there earthquakes?’ or ‘If God does not exist, why do planets orbit their stars?’ or ‘If God does not exist, why is spinach good for me?’ or ‘If God does not exist, where does rain come from?’ or ‘If God does not exist, how come my computer works?’ Why not? Why, out of all the amazing things around us, do you continue to pick on this one question about where morality comes from? Why should morality be more baffling than noses?

It’s not that these other phenomena have well understood natural explanations and morality does not. If you follow the links you have already been given, you will see that the natural explanations for morality are well researched and well understood. I would suggest to you that the only reason you think morality points to God in a way that, say, turnips do not, is that you have fallen for Christianity’s propaganda.

Christianity simply proclaims without any evidence whatsoever that God is the source of all morality, and that morality could not exist without him, and you have accepted that claim at face value. It’s classic faulty logic:

Morality can only come from God We have morality Therefore God exists.

You have fallen for a faulty premise and because you have fallen for it, you think the existence of morality must point towards God in a way that the existence of turnips or noses does not. If, instead of passively accepting the Christian premise, you start with the genuine, open question of ‘Where does morality comes from?’ and use that assumption-free question as the basis of your investigations, you will have no difficulty in finding thoroughly researched, well documented, evidence-supported answers that point very clearly to morality having perfectly natural, perfectly explicable, non-divine origins.

Enjoy your reading.

Posted: March 5th 2010

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As Eric said, you really spent no time researching this at all before you came to Ask the Atheists. I’m not going to spend time going over this old argument again, so I’m going to point you to the same link Eric posted (Wikipedia: Evolution of Morality), this link (The TalkOrigins Archive: Evolution of Altruism), and Chapter 6, “The Roots of Morality: Why Are We Good?,” of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion.

Good luck in your research.

Posted: March 5th 2010

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Humanity DOESN’T have a universal moral sense. Every civilization has developed their own set of morals that are often quite different. Mesoamerican civilizations thought cutting a person’s chest open with a sharpened rock, pulling out their heart and taking a bite while it was still beating was a desirable activity to please their gods and benefit their people. The Romans thought that leaving deformed infants out on a mountaintop to be eaten by animals improved their society.

Do you consider those good morals? Do they not completely contradict the morals of modern western civilization? Yet in their time, the would probably have been considered “universal” by their adherents. Your morality is defined by your culture, not the reverse.

Posted: March 4th 2010

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Since you haven’t spent any time researching this on your own, I’m not going to spend much of my time responding to you.

Start here

and then follow the links to evolutionary ethics.

Then, after you’ve spent a few hours, come back if you still have questions.

Posted: March 4th 2010

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