Help. Am I a Weak Atheist or Agnostic?

I’m really confused. I don’t know if I should consider myself as a weak Atheist or just an agnostic. I could hardly tell if there’s really God. If someone would asked me if God does exist, my answer would be 'i don’t know’. Yeah, there might be a god but I don’t believe in worshiping them 'cause I don’t believe in what the theist are telling that their god is good and merciful because of the evil things happening in this damn world. So, this one sounds sort of atheistic.

Another thing, I don’t think that it’s possible that such existence could be proven by anyone. Well, that’s the argument of agnostics.

So there. Seems like my beliefs are somewhat the combination of the two but I still want to hear something from people who are more knowledgeable of this. What do you think?

Thank you.

Posted: May 28th 2010

Dave Hitt www

From your description I’d say you are an agnostic.

I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about it, though. Agnostics, weak atheists and strong atheists all have the most important thing in common: We’re free to live our lives unencumbered by superstition. That matters far more than getting the label right.

Posted: July 17th 2010

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Blaise www

You seem to be misinformed about the definitions of “atheist” and “agnostic”. They are not mutually exclusive.

“Agnostic” is defined as someone who believes there is not enough evidence (and possibly that there cannot be enough evidence) to be able to conclude whether there is a god one way or the other. The fact that you say “I don’t know” means that by definition, you are an agnostic.

“Atheist” is defined as someone who lacks a positive belief in a god, for whatever reason. It sounds like you may also be verging on this, but only you can decide what you really believe.

There are atheists who say they have proof that no gods exist. They are atheist without being agnostic.

There are believers who take it as an article of their faith that they don’t and can’t have evidence their god exists, but they believe because they just want to. They are agnostics who are not atheists.

Any combination is possible.

Posted: June 19th 2010

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Most atheists are agnostic atheists meaning they have no god belief because of lack of evidence, but since a negative can’t be proven, do not insist that there are no god(s). They just do not bother with them as there isn’t a reason to do so, just like not bothering with many other non-evidential beliefs like the Pink Unicorn, etc.

Many agnostics are atheists, because they do not have god belief. Some agnostics I have spoken to do not understand that atheism does not mean that you know there are no gods. Such agnostics shy away from the atheist label for that reason. Other agnostics actually hope that there is a god and are very open and looking for information and evidence pointing to one.

Self identifying as an agnostic or an agnostic atheist is up to you. Keep in mind that atheism is lack of belief in a theistic god, that is, a god that intervenes in this earth and should therefore leave evidence of its intervention. A deistic god I think you can be comfortably agnostic (in the sense that it is impossible to know if it exists) about since it does not intervene in this world and would not leave any evidence.

All knowledge is based on probabilities. It is highly improbable that a theistic god exists.

Posted: June 17th 2010

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