How can I refute Creationist arguments by Answers In Genesis?

How can I refute the clever arguments for Creationism as presented on www.answersingenesis.org?

Posted: February 5th 2008

SmartLX www

You can get a long way just by googling the key words in any of their arguments, or putting them into Wikipedia.

There are far too many arguments there to individually refute here, but have a go yourself first. If you get stuck on something, post it here and we’ll do it as an example. We’ll include references to specific online resources that would have helped you make the decision yourself.

Posted: February 13th 2008

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bitbutter www

There are several sites dedicated to highlighting the misinformation presented by the Answers in Genesis organisation.

The most thorough resource I’ve seen is the Index to Creationist Claims which can be found on the talkorigins site.

Other sites critical of AIG include No answers in genesis and AIG busted.

Weigh these responses against the claims made by AIG and decide for yourself whether you think these are adequate refutations.

Posted: February 6th 2008

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