Where do atheists believe animals come from?

When an atheist sees a whale swimming in the ocean, how do they think the water and the whale got there?

Posted: June 18th 2011

George Locke

The question about where the water came from is basically a question about the origin of the earth. Around 4.5 billion years ago, a big cloud of gas collapsed, forming a protostar in its center with a hot, dense disk of gas rotating around it. Slowly, that gas condensed, forming planets, including our Earth. See here for a short version and here for a longer version.

As for how whales got there, first there was the origin of life, then evolution.

If you’re interested in the scientific explanation for something, I heartily recommend Google, wikipedia, and your local library. The answers are out there. Let your curiosity guide you!

Posted: June 23rd 2011

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Dave Hitt www

Whales came from the Carvile Ice Cream Store. The first one was Fudgy the Whale.

Water, of course, comes from the tap.


Posted: June 19th 2011

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Blaise www

Physics and biology.

Posted: June 19th 2011

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Tauriq Moosa www

I’m not sure about atheists, since as Erik has said, we don’t share much except our negation of deities. There are excellent books detailing the history of the planet – I urge you to read these instead of Babylonian mythologies, Bibilical Genesis stories, or Quranic meanderings. In scientific literature, the story of our planet is more beautifully told and considered and has the benefit of this tiny thing called evidence to back it up. If you think a god putting animals together like a puzzle piece is rather interesting, wait until you read about the mechanisms of evolution.

For one of the most eloquent explanations, designed for children (but which I repeatedly watch every few months because I’m rather slow), see Richard Dawkins’ lovely Christmas Lectures called Growing Up in the Universe. You can see them for free on YouTube.

Posted: June 19th 2011

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Well, strictly speaking, the only belief that atheists would share in that regard is that they got there without the assistance of a deity.

For me, I think the water got there through physical processes that occurred in the early earth, and I think the whale got there by way of land mammals.

For more details I refer you to appropriate science textbooks.

Posted: June 19th 2011

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