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There are different levels of opposition. Act according to your wishes and circumstances.

Worst case: if your society or community will just not accept you as an atheist, you’re in an awful situation and you have three choices: stay secret, leave and/or work to change that society/community. Those choices cover everything from total inaction to open revolution, so decide what you are willing and able to do.

If your society or community merely opposes atheism in principle, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone in it will oppose you. Atheists everywhere tend to think they’re alone in their immediate circles, when this is almost never the case. If you do declare yourself, be prepared for support from unexpected places among the reactions.

Whatever your circumstances, I wish you the best as you proceed.

Posted: November 13th 2007

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By seeking out other atheists, by engaging in polite discussions, by presenting evidence, facts, and alternative explanations, and seeking justification and clarification from the religious for their beliefs and actions.

Only in Muslim countries is atheism an offense.

Posted: June 1st 2007

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