Thoughts on the Illuminati

Hey, I recently became an atheist and I was wondering what other atheists think of the Illuminati and if they still exist today. And if they are in power today does that prove the Bible’s end time prophecies? I would appreciate any helpful answers you have. Thanks.

Posted: July 19th 2011

Mike the Infidel www

Are you really asking atheists if a grand conspiracy theory proves the Bible’s prophecies true? For real?

Look, here’s the thing about prophecies: if you try hard enough, you can make them come true. And no, I don’t believe the Illuminati exists anymore. When it did, it was a private social club for cultural elites and intellectuals, not some shadow government pulling strings behind the scenes.

Posted: July 23rd 2011

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Blaise www

In my opinion, anyone who thinks that massive conspiracies exist that involve thousands of co-conspirators and span hundreds of years doesn’t have a realistic view of his fellow humans.

I can think of maybe two people in the entire world that I could absolutely trust with a secret that would get me killed. Where would you find the other tens of thousands? Ben Franklin said it best: “Two people can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.”

There are lots of little conspiracies in the world, but giant ones just could never work!

Posted: July 23rd 2011

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brian thomson www

The word “Illuminati” has been thrown around so much that I’m not entirely sure what it means any more. There was a group in Bavaria who used that name, but these days it refers to “New World Order” theories, of a “power behind the throne”.

It seems to me that everything that god-fearing Christians fear, about the way the world actually works, is being lumped together under that heading. Freemasonry? Check. Jews? Check. Socialism? Check. Obama? Check. Russia? Check. Overpopulation concerns? Check.

But what does that have to do with “end-time prophecies”? If you wonder whether someone is a “fulfilment of prophecy”, there’s one important question that you must ask: have they read the same prophecy? You could be looking at a self-fulfilling prophecy, a deliberate effort to match the prophecy and make it, and them, look good.

It’s a mess, frankly. Great if you like convoluted conspiracy theories, but I’m one of those Occam’s Razor types who thinks that simpler explanations tend to be the more likely ones. If the Illuminati are really plotting to take over the world … what’s taking them so long? They’ve had over 200 years to put their nefarious schemes in to practice. Hurry Up!

Posted: July 23rd 2011

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