Are these Christians making stuff up?

I have recently become an atheist and being 17, I haven’t told my dad anything of it mostly because he would probably seriously freak out as he seems to be someone who really believes all the nonsense he was taught by Christians.

In the church that we (yeah I get dragged there every Saturday) go to, when it comes to collecting donations, they have a special name for it, “dimes.” they say that it is supposed to be 10% of what you got that week. I personally think it’s ridiculous but when I look around, everybody really are putting a great amount of money in these little envelopes and dropping them in. Is this really written in the bible? Like is it truly there or just a dumb translation? And if it is a translation, why do people make them up and the church goers just act like dummies and go right to believing what people tell them? Do any former Christians who read the bible know? I haven’t read the whole thing because I started and so far what I had read annoyed me enough.

Posted: August 31st 2011

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It’s called a tithe and it crops up in various forms in the Bible. The article in the link will fill you in.

Posted: September 1st 2011

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