How do I know I'm an Atheist? Please help!

I’m a 14 yr old girl in L.A and belong to an all Christian family. Recently I’ve been questioning my religion. I pray to God for help and nothing happens. And now I think about it I find The Bible stories make no sense! Please help me and explain.

Posted: June 6th 2012

Galen Rose www

I think Blaise has given you an excellent answer and I would add just one thing.

People may tell you that god will punish you if you don’t believe. The believers came up with that trick a long, long time ago to keep people from thinking for themselves.

However, when you think about it a bit, you will realize that you don’t really control whether you believe in a god or not. As you think about it, either it makes sense to you or it doesn’t. You can’t just decide to believe in something that makes no sense to you anymore than you can believe in the tooth fairy at your age.

If there were a god, then he surely would be aware of this. No sensible god would punish us for not believing something which makes no sense to us. Surely he would admire anyone who uses her brain to the best of her ability and is honest with herself and the world. So, don’t let them worry you about not believing in their invisible friends.

Posted: June 6th 2012

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Blaise www

The most important thing you can do is not worry about labeling yourself as a believer or non-believer, atheist or agnostic, etc. Labels open us up to manipulation from those who try to redefine them! Instead, focus on what you actually believe, or don’t, and let your beliefs define you, rather than what you think your label requires.

Before you go any further, though, given your age, you need to know what effect your search for truth will have on your relationship with your family. Will they resent your questions? Will you be in any kind of danger if they learn you have doubts? Be sure to protect yourself, if you need to. No point of philosophy will help you if your loved ones turn against you. If you think that it’s a real possibility, make sure you share these pursuits with no one in that environment!

If your faith is failing, do some research. You’ve obviously tried reading your bible, but there are many other books on the topic. For example, Richard Dawkins’ book, “The God Delusion” is specifically meant for those who have begun to question their faith, and may help you examine the non-belief side of the discussion.

Most importantly, use your own judgement on every question. Never just accept someone else’s words or thoughts at face value. If you can’t think the issue through, and find logic or facts to support a position, then you shouldn’t support that position. Take that philosophy with you through everything in life, and you’ll always be in charge of your own mind.

Posted: June 6th 2012

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