What is consciousness?

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What is human consciousness in your opinion and why did it evolve to the level it is at today if it allows us to go against our genes “wishes”?

Posted: June 7th 2012

George Locke

Genes reproduce themselves. That’s the essence of evolution. But evolution isn’t perfect. Our bodies fail all the time, so it’s no wonder that our brains/minds should also “fail”. If my wife and I decide not to have children, we’ve “failed” in evolutionary terms, but this is no more surprising than a burst appendix.

Consciousness is an emergent property of our brains. Self-awareness seems to be essential, but I don’t really know much more than that. In my more indulgently speculative moments, I suspect that our notion of “self” is a construct that unifies memories and experiences that have little intrinsic sameness (that is, “person” is an artificial category), but this may just be a hangover from my “all is one” new-agey youth.

Posted: July 13th 2012

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“What is consciousness” is a philosophical question, and I don’t find a lot of use in philosophical questions. I can say that it’s clearly an outgrowth of brain function, and it’s also clear that it was either selected for because it conferred a survival advantage or it is a byproduct of something else (perhaps intelligence in general) that conferred a survival advantage.

Posted: June 30th 2012

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