How Can I Get Over My Fear Of The "Illuminati"?

I’m a Sikh, but I have had bad experiences with Christianity in the past, tried out Christianity for myself when I was 13 and it was great at first, but then I learned about the whole doctrine of hell and if you didn’t believe in Jesus you were going to hell. Anyway, this fear of Christianity which still lies with me to this day, also led me to learning about conspiracy theories about “The Illuminati”. You guys probably know what this conspiracy theory is right? A theory that The Illuminati still exists today and that they’re a Satanic and evil group manipulating all the worlds events and that all actors, music artists, etc… basically anyone famous, in power is really a devil worshipper and apart of the “Illuminati”. Part of this theory is that the Illuminati will impose a “New World Order” where most of humanity is killed off and the rest enslaved. most of the people I see believing this are Christians and they always say that when all this happens, Armageddon will occur and Jesus will return and non-believers and those in the Illuminati will be cast into hell and believers go to heaven. I got over the fear of this conspiracy theory for a while but, the fear always comes back. Another part of this theory is that if you try to expose them, they will kill you (theorists point to Michael Jackson as a supposed example).


That scared me awhile back too, particularly the part where they show the Michael Jackson interview and the movie scene in “The Matrix”, where it says “Sept.11/01” on his ID card or whatever. The Illuminati are accused of manipulating/causing all world disasters so that scared me too considering the movie came out in 1999 and that specific date is shown.

Also, people in the entertainment industry believe this too (some of them), such as rappers Prodigy and Professor Griff.

Today, I was reading tweets: https://twitter.com/hopsin and I’m looking through that channel (he’s a rapper), and after enough scrolling I found some tweets that really made my fear worse (he’s a Christian, I figured this much out)

^ go to the tweets from August 2nd, start from the one where he says “this industry is satan’s playground” and keep looking at the tweets that follow that one (all on the same day). I try to rationalize but I can’t. I keep thinking that maybe he really knows that all this “Illuminati” stuff is true and he’s trying to expose them or maybe he just believes in these theories and since he’s Christian he probably sees evil in anything in the world. I try to stick with the 2nd explanation but my past with Christianity causes very bad doubts in me.

^ same with Chris Lighty, he just died yesterday from suicide I think, some of his tweets were weird ( “ hell is empty, all the devils are here” and “ slavery is still alive and well in the music business” ). I keep trying to tell myself that maybe he was just religious and saw the world as evil due to his belief system, and as for committing suicide, everyone has issues right?. I don’t know what to do or think anymore and I’m so scared :(

Fellow people on this site, please give me a hand here, I need help now more than ever. I almost commited suicide twice over fear of Christianity, and almost committed suicide a few times over these “Illuminati” conspiracy theories. I know I posted alot here and I apologize, but please if you could take the time to look through it all and respond to this I would really appreciate it :(

Posted: September 1st 2012


I’m not a counsellor, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. But:

A) There is no reason to commit suicide over fear of Christianity. If you are afraid that you will go to hell after death, committing suicide isn’t the answer.

B) Christianity says nothing about “Illuminati.” That conspiracy theory has got nothing at all to do with Christianity.

C) The people in the movie and music industries are just regular people. They do not all have the self-discipline to keep a big secret like lizard people / Illuminati / etc.

D) If you read about Christianity enough, I think you’ll become confident that it isn’t true. No scene from the Matrix can make the Bible more correct.

Posted: January 3rd 2013

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It’s really quite simple: they don’t exist. People invent connections between utterly disconnected things and act as though they’re the central actors in some great drama, because otherwise they can’t make sense of their lives as compared to the unfathomably long history of our world. People don’t like to think that things could just be happening; they like to assign blame to terrible things, and invent evil masterminds behind every tragedy.

It’s not real. It’s an attempt to make sense of the insensibility of the world in which we live. There is no central driving force behind the major events of history apart from basic human nature.

Just look at it this way: if there were an Illuminati secretly planning out the world’s future behind closed doors, why the hell would they hide little clues about their existence throughout pop culture? Why would they leak out any indication of their existence at all? So some guys on the internet can blow the lid on the whole thing?

Posted: September 9th 2012

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