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Not enough of them do, in my opinion.

While Atheism is not a political view, many political views are common among atheists. In my experience, atheists tend to lean to the left, and some of them are extreme lefties. Social justice is an important issue to every atheist I’ve ever talked to, but too many of them think using government force of is the only way to achieve it.

Personally, I think the most logical, rational, fair, reasonable and moral approach to social justice (and most other political issues) is a libertarian one, but I’m a minority among atheists.

Posted: October 9th 2012

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Not as a group, no. Individuals may vary.

I think I know where the question is coming from. There’s this idea going around that atheists are opposed to the idea of any “higher power” at all, and therefore we fight the ones which do clearly exist, such as governments and other man-made authorities. That’s not the case at all.

We just don’t believe in the existence of divine beings, let alone divine rulers. Some atheists even wish such beings did exist, while others are glad that they apparently don’t. Their opinions of the established, earthly authority vested in other humans has little or nothing to do with their atheism, unless of course they discover efforts by the religious to establish theocracies.

Posted: October 8th 2012

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Some do.
Many don’t.

Posted: October 7th 2012

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