Atheism should not equal egalitarianism

Why are you people—particularly in this country—so interested in equality for all? It strikes me as very odd that just about every American atheist is as far the social left as you can possibly get. For some reason, I imagine that a true atheist would see the human race as very uneven and therefore not equal. Very peculiar that “equality for all” is the mantra for the typical college atheist-liberal. Makes absolutely no sense to me. If men created God, why can’t men be their own gods? Why are so many of you devout socialists?

Posted: October 25th 2012

Mike the Infidel www

“For some reason, I imagine that a true atheist would see the human race as very uneven and therefore not equal.”

And then we’d realize that facts of nature don’t necessarily drive moral or ethical decisions. I know that if I were to fall victim to something that left me physically or intellectually disabled, I’d be better off in a society where we treated everyone with equal dignity and care, and thus, I work to be a part of such of a society.

Posted: November 11th 2012

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Galen Rose www

Obviously we aren’t equally intelligent, or tall, or blue-eyed, nor should we be. For myself, when I say “equality for all,” I mean equality of opportunity and equality under the law.

Most atheists are humanists – that is, humans are what’s most important to us, and not gods – and humanists want all people to be treated with respect and compassion. I suppose that’s why many of us are found on the extreme left. I don’t mind sharing my resources to help others achieve and maintain a reasonable standard of living – that’s what I would hope for from others, after all.

However, you will find that some atheists are conservatives or Libertarians. The only thing we all agree on is that there are no gods except in books and others’ imaginations.

Posted: November 9th 2012

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