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Do all atheists think that Hitler was a Christian? I was conversing with some on Facebook and that came up. I’ve heard it long ago but thought most people would know that Hitler and the Nazi inner circle were Occultists.

Posted: November 6th 2012

Galen Rose www

“Do all atheists think that Hitler was a Christian?”

The only thing ALL atheists agree on is that there is no god.

Hitler was raised as a Catholic, but there is little evidence that he practiced the faith as an adult.

I don’t see how a person could believe in a god who judges people and punishes “sin,” and still commit the atrocities Hitler did. He was clearly a sociopath, but he was not stupid. The evidence, I think, suggests that Hitler was agnostic or atheist, but his atrocities were not done in the name of atheism but in the name of personal gain.

Posted: November 9th 2012

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brian thomson www

I don’t have a strong opinion on this. In reading various bits, I concluded that Hitler was confused about it and would change his apparent beliefs for political expediency. He was brought up Catholic and referred to his religion positively in speeches during his rise to power. He would make strongly pro-Catholic statements to appease the people, while some meeting records have him describing religion as a tool for manipulating that masses. (Which wouldn’t make him an atheist, in case you’re tempted to interpret it that way: he was more than capable of believing something and being cynical about it at the same time.) Try Wikipedia .

Regarding the Occult business, I tend to think it was exaggerated in retrospect. Some Nazis such as Himmler were more in to it, while others e.g.Goering looked to Teutonic mythology in search of historical legitimacy. Hitler himself apparently had little time for it. There’s plenty of speculation out there.

Posted: November 9th 2012

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