Justifying human superiority over other animals

If there is no God who give us a special status in creation and we’re just the product of natural causes, how can human superiority over other animals be justified?

Posted: December 2nd 2012

brian thomson www

I wasn’t aware that it was “justified” in any philosophical sense. It’s a fact of life, not the result of a thought process on our part. The human authors of the Bible thought it necessary to try to justify it at some point, but that’s not my problem.

I would argue that that “man has dominion” concept has retarded progress in formulating and implementing animal rights. I’m not on board with that concept, though it has to acknowledged that we are the ones concerned with their rights, not vice versa. We are superior to animals, but we don’t have to like it, or abuse our de facto position. It doesn’t automatically translate to “rights” over them. In that sense, the Biblical attempt at “justification” was not only unnecessary, it has been interpreted in ways that justified abuse and misuse of animals.

Posted: December 7th 2012

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