Why do jokes about religion make me uncomfortable?

I have considered myself an atheist for less than a year now, but have been back and forth since sixth grade. I’m fourteen.

Whenever my friends make jokes about religion I feel uncomfortable. As though I’ve done something wrong. Even at the mention of God, I flinch.

Why is this? I went to a Catholic school through fifth grade. (Until it closed.) It makes me angry, actually. I would have to think children are very impressionable.

Posted: December 20th 2012

Blaise www

In most cultures, children are conditioned to regard religious beliefs as something that may not be criticized. It’s sort of like religion’s immune system. Whether it’s done intentionally or not, this conditioning tends to stick with your mind long after you’ve thought your way out of being religious.

Posted: March 17th 2015

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brian thomson www

Another reason is that many religious folks identify very strongly with their religion and take any attack on it as a personal insult. Those of us who study ideas rationally learn to separate ourselves from the ideas. “I’m offended” would make rational debate impossible. But when it comes to friends and family, we’re reluctant to say anything that would appear offensive, even if it isn’t offensive by academic standards.

Posted: August 19th 2014

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You were conditioned to believe from an early age, and that conditioning is at an emotional level. Even though you no longer believe in a rational sense, you still have emotional baggage. Over time, it will fade.

Posted: August 19th 2014

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