Atheists and WYD

Hi there,

First allow me to introduce myself, I am a year 12 student from Australia undertaking sociology studies on a topic in society that interests me.

I would just like to ask, what is your view on World Youth Day? Is it something that you respect or have a particular opinion on? Despite not believing, do you personally think it’s a positive move from the Catholic Church?


Posted: February 27th 2013

SmartLX www

It would have a chance of being a positive move if its goals with respect to “youth” included anything besides spreading and consolidating Catholicism among young people.

As it stands, it’s simply one of the things the Church is trying in order to stay relevant among people under the age of 30, and as an action rooted in self-preservation it can hardly be applauded or respected by anyone outside the Church.

Posted: April 18th 2013

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George Locke

It’s a waste.

As far as I can tell, World Youth Day is a Catholic youth festival whose purpose is to get young people excited about Catholicism. Am I missing something? Clearly, I don’t think we need more young Catholics.

I find it tragic that people put so much time and energy into getting young people involved in religion. If you want to help children, try feeding, healing, and educating them. Get them engaged in the world, in art, science. I’m sure that many kids come away from WYD feeling energized, but I just don’t see why we couldn’t get them energized about something more valuable than religious dogma.

Posted: March 27th 2013

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