Why doesn't Ask The Atheists also publish replies to the answers?

There’s one thing I’ve noticed about this site. there is no way for someone to reply to what you guys are saying. It’s not a debate type of blog. That doesn’t speak well of you guys. It comes off as though you don’t want anyone to argue with what your saying because you know you’re wrong. If you guys really are right then why not prove it for real? why hide behind a site where you can shout down believers all you want and have no worries of being proven wrong? You guys talk a lot about evidence. But see there is no way for someone to cite contradicting evidence to you for everyone out there to see. I know you probably don’t think there is any such thing but the fact is that there are volumes of it. So my question again. why? why hide like this if you really are right?

Posted: September 29th 2008

Reed Braden www

Because it’s not called Ask The Atheists And The Theists.

Posted: October 8th 2008

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Bitbutter made the essential points, but I would like to point out that the questions we receive are not censored (there are some grammatical corrections made and a few completely incoherent ones/already answered questions are rejected).

To imply that a site clearly describing itself is a site that is somehow sneakily hiding its real motivation is odd to say the least.

If this site does not fulfill your needs, then seek another one, or cut and paste the questions and answers to your own blog and allow discussion on it.

Another possibility is to pose questions at this site that would 'expose’ any falsehoods, etc. (As no question and its elaborated subheading is censored).
If your position is so strong, you should be able to use this site to show the strength of your position.

Posted: October 3rd 2008

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Dave Hitt www

The last time I counted, there were 43,865 blogs and 62,297 forums where people were debating atheism. In almost every case (including the atheist section of my blog) the conversation quickly degenerates to atheists calling Believers silly and superstitious and Believers condemning atheists to eternal torture.

This site offers something different. It’s a place where people can ask questions, respectfully (usually) and receive a respectful answer (usually). If we added a comments feature it would quickly become Just Another Blog among 43,866 featuring the same old tiresome bickering.

Posted: October 2nd 2008

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flagellant www

You actually hit the nail on the head when you say 'It’s not a debate type of blog.’ Too bloody right it isn’t; it’s a resource to which several atheists contribute answers which reflect the variety of ideas among us: we don’t have dogmatic positions (e.g. belief statements like the rather fanciful Nicene Creed) and we often disagree. The answers I contribute are, if necessary, carefully researched. I also find most other answers well thought out and carefully considered.

There are other things we deal with, too. One example is the ridiculous position of religious organizations vis-a-vis charitable status; another is the constitutional position of more than twenty Episcopalian bishops in the UK House of Lords.

Other questions covered are where people are victimised for their lack of belief. My personal view is that religion is a matter for consenting adults in private; children shouldn’t be exposed to it except academically. I see nothing wrong with studying different faith positions, providing one doesn’t claim that anything studied is in any way actually true. When you get objective clergymen like Bishop John Shelby Spong writing books like 'Jesus for the non-religious’, in which he clearly accepts that some of the Bible’s more extreme claims are simple hyperbole, and quite untrue, there is much for atheists to agree with.

More constructively, if you want some serious arguments with atheists, go to Richard Dawkins’s website and engage with some of the people who post there. Try one or two of the threads in the right-hand column. It’s a disputatious site; you will have every opportunity to express your own opinions and produce your 'evidence’ there. That’s what you want, isn’t it? However, I have to warn you that tougher bloggers than you have been trashed in short order. Stick at it, though, and you may learn something. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Posted: October 2nd 2008

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SmartLX www

If you’re looking for a back-and-forth, try Ask the Atheist instead. I contribute there too.

Posted: October 1st 2008

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bitbutter www

Should every platform give a chance to 'both sides’ to voice their view on any issue? Are you petitioning churches to dedicate ten minutes to the end of each service to hear what local atheists have to say about the mass?

The purpose of AskTheAtheists.com, as the name suggests, is to allow questions to be posed to atheists, who will answer them. No pretense is made that this site is a forum for discussion. If it were, the name might be: Ask The Atheists and Theists. It would be a very different site, of a type that’s already well represented online.

There are no shortage of places online where theists can answer back, and many contributors to this site do participate in those forums. If you’re looking for sites like that try YouTube, RichardDawkins.net or the Internet Infidels Discussion Board.

Posted: October 1st 2008

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