What Do You Think of Christians?

My church says that all atheists think Christians are stupid, and that they hate us all. Is that true?

Posted: May 9th 2009

vjack www

Let me try this: What do I think of someone who believes that supernatural entities (e.g., gods, demons, angels, etc.) exist and have some role in human affairs? I think they are wrong. Specifically, I think they are making a mistake by believing rather extraordinary things without sufficient evidence. By definition, this makes such beliefs irrational. The individuals who hold such beliefs may be quite intelligent, but these specific beliefs are not rational. Moreover, starting with a set of beliefs without sufficient evidence (i.e., faith) and then imbibing it with a moral quality so that those who share it are “good” and those who do not are “evil” is very dangerous. That is, this is not merely irrational belief but the sort of irrational belief which can have a seriously destructive impact on humanity.

Do I think that all Christians are stupid? Of course not! Many are far more intelligent than I will ever be. Do I hate all Christians? Of course not! I’ve already explained that nearly all of my close friends are Christian. The same is true for my family. Even in the abstract, it makes no sense to say that I hate anyone I’ve never met.

I find it unfortunate that a church would spread such lies. Then again, it has been my experience that some Christian churches are convinced that this is the only way they are going to be able to retain members. Perhaps they realize that Christians who meet happy, well-adjusted atheists may realize that a life free from superstition is not only possible but can be quite meaningful.

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Posted: June 5th 2009

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Dave Hitt www

People who ascribe motives to another person’s actions are usually wrong. When they ascribe generalizations to an entire group of people they are almost always wrong.

I pick my friends based on what they do, not what they believe. Every one of them is wrong about something, in my opinion, and they believe I’m wrong about some (or even most) of my beliefs and ideas. None of them, however, are stupid. I don’t hang out with stupid people. They’re boring.

Most of my friends aren’t atheists, so they are, I believe, wrong about their religious beliefs. A few, very few, are very religious. It doesn’t matter. It’s trivial. We have enough other things in common to enjoy each other’s company.

I’m sure there are some atheists who hate everyone who believes in the supernatural, but in a world where most people are Believers they must be very miserable people. I certainly wouldn’t want to hang out with them.

It sounds like you don’t have any atheist friends. I’d suggest you make a few. You’ll discover they are happy, fun loving people who accept you and enjoy your company regardless of your beliefs about God.

Posted: May 10th 2009

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George Ricker www

Obviously, I disagree with Christians about their religious beliefs. I don’t share those beliefs and think they are mistaken.

However, I don’t think Christians are stupid. I’ve known many (actually, I was once one myself) and found them to be just as intelligent as most groups of people. Some are very bright and some aren’t. You could say the same about atheists or any other group.

There is nothing about atheism, per se, that should lead anyone to hate anyone. Certainly, as has already been noted, there may be atheists who do hate Christians, just as there are Christians who hate atheists, but I have never found that sort of thinking to be typical of atheists.

Of course, you do have to consider the source for such statements. Organized Christianity does hate atheism and atheists because we are like the little boy in the Hans Christian Anderson story, standing in the crowd and shouting that the emperor has no clothes. I suspect that when religions charge atheists with hating them, what they are really doing is projecting their own attitudes onto us.

Posted: May 10th 2009

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Christian beliefs are stupid. People who hold them do not necessarily need to be stupid. My mother was brilliant and a devout Catholic. As for hate (I adored my mother), you mean criticism, don’t you? Atheists criticize Christian beliefs, skewering them to the rational wall.

Think about what you are saying. You are getting answers that refute what your church is telling you! Do you believe us that we do not regard Christians to be innately stupid (though their Christian beliefs are nonsensical, or what I like to call them, useless at best and dangerous at worst) and that we do not hate as a matter of course THE PEOPLE who hold these egregiously dumb beliefs. Or do you continue to believe the misinformation/lies that your church tell you? Hmmm, glad I am not in your shoes, but then, again, you don’t have to be in your shoes either. You can challenge your church leader with the information which you have found here. Honesty behooves you to do that.

I regard most Christians as just ordinary folk who have bought (usually via childhood indoctrination) the Christian propaganda hook, line, and sinker, believing that they are really following good principles. I see them as misguided for the most part. In addition, I consider religious adults have the right to practice their religion in the non-taxpaying realm, and I would fight for that right for them if necessary. They are also encouraged and welcome to defend their religious ideas in the public (but not tax paying) square.

Posted: May 10th 2009

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Reed Braden www

No. Don’t believe anything your church tells you, especially if they tell you what other people believe.

Posted: May 10th 2009

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SmartLX www

Atheists by definition think Christians are wrong. That’s not the same as stupid. Some atheists do also think Christians and other religious people are stupid for believing something which is false, just like some Christians think atheists are stupid for not believing something which is true. This doesn’t always apply no matter who’s right, because very intelligent people can also be wrong.

Some atheists do hate Christians, just as some Christians hate atheists. It happens. Nothing in atheism actually tells people to hate the religious, though. I think a more common attitude is pity for the masses labouring under false ideas.

Posted: May 9th 2009

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