Have you considered allowing responses on asktheatheists.com?

I think it would be nice to be able to respond to the atheist’s answers and engage in a dialogue per question. I find myself frustrated that I can’t respond at times.

I understand it would require someone with PHP/MySql programming skills but surely with all the logic heads amongst your atheistic staff you could find one who programs.

Posted: November 8th 2009

SmartLX www

I also write for Ask the Atheist (no relation to this site), which does allow replies. If you have a question that you think will require a follow-up, there’s an option for you.

Lack of technical expertise isn’t the reason for the lack of a reply facility. This site’s creator made a deliberate decision early on to keep to a one-stage Q&A, in the style of newspaper columns such as the long-running Ask Ann Landers. Though many religious sites use this approach, I think this one may be unique among atheist sites in that respect. That’s partly why it’s likely to stay as it is.

Posted: November 15th 2009

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Dave Hitt www

There are a million sites (literally) that allow discussion on this question. In every single instance I’ve seen the discussion deteriorates to a nasty shouting match. This place is the one exception. You ask your question, get your answers, and ask another question. It’s peaceful and orderly. Making it two-way would make it Just Another Fighting Site.

Many of us have links back to our blogs or sites that contain our e-mail addresses, so you can pursue questions directly if you like.

Posted: November 14th 2009

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flagellant www

Asktheatheists.com is a resource for people, of all persuasions, who want to know about atheism. It isn’t a discussion forum: there are plenty of those.

You will note that the answers you read here may be complementary, or even contradictory. As an example, I am currently drafting an answer to another question that will, I suspect, be at odds with many other atheists’ positions. This is because there is neither atheist dogma nor creed. We are united only in finding the idea of god – and hence her/his/its existence – extremely unlikely.

You can have your arguments with others on sites such as RichardDawkins.net Or, you could try those attached to the Rational Responders’ website. Here’s one and here’s another but there are lots more.

Let me say it again: the site is informative, not disputatious: The 'About’ link and the 'Questions’ page here give you the idea what the site is for: it’s to inform people, not to argue with them. Of course, since you seem to have the technical knowledge of how to make the changes, why don’t you set up your own site where people could come to argue with you?

Posted: November 12th 2009

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Another solution would be to just keep plodding along with new questions related to your points. Other than for completely incoherent and badly written questions, the questions are never edited. And please make sure you effectively use the space available for elaborating upon the finer/nuanced points of your question.

Posted: November 12th 2009

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bitbutter www

Leaving out a responses feature on AskTheAtheists.com was a deliberate decision. It doesn’t have to do with technical considerations, but with the maintaining focus on the aims of the site.

If you find yourself frustrated with the predominantly one-way traffic here, a couple of suggestions:

  • Direct your attention towards sites that do host two-way dialogue instead. For instance there’s always lively (a)theism debate on YouTube.com.
  • Address AskTheAtheists.com answers on your own blog. Blogger is an excellent free blog service that you could use.

Posted: November 11th 2009

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