George Locke

Suppose the universe had an external cause. Is there any reason to suppose that such a cause would have to be a “supernatural creator”? I have seen some apologetic arguments to this effect, but they were not convincing.

Supposing this external cause X, mightn’t X also have been caused by some Y, Y by Z, and so on? We would be hard pressed to identify our concept of a “supernatural creator” with one step in an infinite regress of causation. On the other hand, perhaps this series has some terminus. Then it would be possible for something to exist without cause, undermining the premise that the universe requires a cause.

Posted: July 20th 2010

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Blaise www

Why do you assume that the universe began? What if it always has been, and ever shall be? Any logic that can be used to justify an eternal creator is equally valid logic to justify that hypothesis.

Posted: July 18th 2010

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Steve Zara www

That’s not the right question.

The right question is “what on earth does 'supernatural’ mean, and how does the phrase 'supernatural creator’ explain anything at all?”

Bringing in so-called explanations with the word “supernatural” doesn’t answer any questions. It is an attempt to stop questioning.

We don’t know how the universe began. That’s rather wonderful. It means we have the exciting opportunity to actually have a chance of finding out. Isn’t that the way we should approach these questions, rather than assuming magic and giving up?

Posted: July 18th 2010

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Dave Hitt www

One huge difference between the rational person and the religious person is the ability to be comfortable saying “I don’t know.”

I don’t know exactly how the universe began. We have some good insights about what happened a second or two after it started, but before that time didn’t exist, so we can only make an educated guess.

I don’t know a lot of things. I do know that “god did it” is a pretty weak spackle to slap into the cracks in our knowledge.

Posted: July 17th 2010

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Mike the Infidel www

The only answer we can give with certainty is “we don’t know yet.” This is not evidence for a supernatural creator. A supernatural creator is a non-answer; it’s just defining something as the answer to a question, rather than showing that such a thing actually exists (let alone that it could exist).

Posted: July 17th 2010

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