Do armageddon prophecies alarm you?

As a non-Christian, do Armageddon prophecies alarm you? If not, why not? Why do you find these forewarnings unpersuasive or unworthy of consideration?

Posted: July 26th 2010

Eshu www

No, I think they’re an attempt, conscious or not, to scare people into believing.

It’s rather like sales tactics that frighten people what might happen if they don’t install the latest security device or to “buy now” because the offer ends today. It’s encouraging people to make the decision or change their beliefs for the wrong reasons.

How scary a particular Armageddon story is has nothing to do with how likely it is to be true.

Posted: August 2nd 2010

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Dave Hitt www

I was raised in a cult that predicted Armageddon would come in 1975. I escaped in 1974, convinced it was nonsense.

Since then I’ve seen all kinds of End Of The World As We Know It predictions from religion, pseudo-science and, occasionally, real science. It’s never happened. I’m more concerned about what’s for dinner than any EOTWAWKI prediction.

Posted: August 2nd 2010

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Blaise www

Armageddon prophecies are invariably couched in supernatural or pseudo-scientific terms which are, of course, all foolish superstition, so they can’t possibly be true, and thus don’t bother me at all.

Armageddon prophets, on the other hand, alarm me a great deal. They are either mentally deranged or amoral manipulators. In either case, they pose a significant threat to me and my loved ones.

Posted: August 1st 2010

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George Locke

It’s all a bunch of hooey. The world is ruled by regular and predictable natural law, not by the caprice of a fictional all-knowing-father-figure. There is no need to worry about fantastic tales of dragons, demons, or lambs with “seven eyes and seven horns”. There is no reason to believe that anything written about the end times will come true because there is no God.

Posted: July 28th 2010

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Paula Kirby www

Armageddon prophecies alarm me greatly, but not for the reason I suspect you are thinking of.

They alarm me because religious fundamentalists take them seriously. They alarm me because religious fundamentalists not only take them seriously but actively welcome them and wish to bring them about. Such people wish to experience the 'Rapture’ and therefore have every incentive to interpret what is happening in the world around them as 'signs of the End Times’ and, indeed, to try to speed things along.

In this era of nuclear weapons it would be all too easy to create a situation that the religious would interpret as Armageddon; that they could interpret as a necessary part of God’s plan. That alarms me greatly. My alarm is intensified every time I think of Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House.

If something resembling 'Armageddon’ happens, it won’t be anything to do with any god. But it could easily be because of religious fanatics who took a meaningless 'prophecy’ and turned it into a self-fulfilling one. Religion and nuclear weapons are a terrifying mix. The world would be a safer place without either of them.

Posted: July 28th 2010

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SmartLX www

Armageddon prophecies depend on the direct actions of deities I don’t believe in, so they don’t alarm me in the sense that I think they’ll ever come to pass exactly as described.

What alarms me is that there are people who are willing to bring about Armageddon, in ways which at least refer in some way to existing prophecies, because of their belief in the relevant deities.

Posted: July 28th 2010

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No, they do not, because they are obviously silly. I possess a baloney detection kit, a very nifty tool to have in a world filled with gullibility.

Equipped with such a kit, I save a lot of money and grief by not using alternative medical practices/psychic consultations/church services as it is an equal-opportunity debunking kit.

Posted: July 28th 2010

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